Fiat cars with factory fitted Thatcham security systems

Fiat fit as standard a Thatcham category 2 immobiliser or category 1 alarm to nearly all new cars built for the UK market. Privately imported car models or older cars will have no Thatcham approved security at all so your insurance company may ask for an aftermarket alarm or immobiliser to be fitted.

"Does my car have a thatcham alarm or immobiliser?"

It's very important to check BOTH lists as some cars may have be fitted with a CAT2 first but later models could be fitted with a CAT1.

Older cars have NOT been listed below, more detailed information about older cars fitted with Thatcham alarms or immobilisers can be downloaded here as a PDF file from

Fiat cars fitted with Thatcham category 2 immobiliser

Model Year
Panda (all models) Jan 04 – on
Punto (all models) Oct 99 – Nov 06
Grande Punto (all models) Feb 06 – on
Doblo Mar 01 – on
Ulysse (all models) Feb 03 – Jan 06
Stilo (all models) Feb 02 – Jun 07
500 (all models) Dec 07 – on
Florini Combi Dec 08 – on
Florini Qube Dec 08 – on
Bravo May 07 – on
Punto Evo Oct 09 – on
Coupé 16v Jun 95 – on
Croma Jul 05 – on
Barchetta Aug 95 – on
Cinquecento Jul 95 – on
Idea (all models) Feb 04 – on
Punto Feb 95 – Sep 99
Tempra Jun 95 – Jan 96
Bravo Dec 95 – May 07
Brava Dec 95 – May 07
Marea (all models) Mar 97 – Jan 03

Fiat cars fitted with Thatcham category 1 alarm

Model Year
Fiat Coupe 16v 20v Oct 98 – Jan 01

Fiat cars without Thatcham security systems

Fiat cars not listed above could still have been fitted with an insurance approved Thatcham category 1 alarm or cat 2 immobiliser by the car dealer or car security specialist so it's worth checking the car documents.

"If your car has not been listed above?"

Since this page was last updated newer car models may have been added and many older cars have not been listed so if you cannot find your make, model and year above it's worth downloading the FULL Thatcham Listing as a PDF file from

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