Classic car insurance tips

List of classic car insurance tips including fitting Thatcham security that could get you better covered on your policy or reduce your annual premium.

1. Agree a value for the car with the insurer

If you don't agree a value for the car with the insurer you only offer the average value on a claim so if your classic car is in mint condition you will lose out.

2. Fit a Thatcham immobiliser, alarm or tracking system

No classic cars were ever factory fitted with Thatcham approved security but do check if a previous owner has fitted a Thatcham device and do make sure you have a copy of the certificate.

3. Keep the car in a garage

It goes without saying that your classic car will be safer if you keep the car in a garage so your premium will cost you less.

4. Join a classic car club

The discount to join a classic car club usually covers the cost of joining and brings in extra benefits too.

5. Fix a low milage limit

If you only drive your classic car a couple of thousand miles a year see if you can fix a low milage limit rather than paying for average milage usage.

6. Don't rely on price comparison websites

Car insurance price comparison websites are great for getting the best deals for the average car and driver so you really need to look at the small print to see what you are actually covered for .

7. How old is your classic car

Some classic car insurers like the RAC or AA start their classic car policies at 15 years, Admiral begins at 20 years but most are for cars over 25 years old but some start at 30 years so you'll need to shop around.

8. Get quotes from specialist brokers

A specialist classic car broker has excellent knowledge of the classic car insurance market so can tailor your requirement and find the best deal on the market, from cheap and basic to a fully comprehensive cover.

Information for classic car owners

About Thatcham Recognised Installers

For insurance purposes always look out for the Thatcham Recognised Installer certificate or logo (shown below) as the old VSIB scheme ended in 2009.

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